Thursday May 19, 2022

SEO and Backlink: How it can boost your business, website and blog?

The world is going digital and we are expected to move along with it. Gone are those days where people market their products by moving from one door to another all in search of customers to buy what they are selling.


We are currently in the dispensation where most people run their businesses online, at the comfort of their various homes, it is called Working smart and not by working hard. You can grow your business with online marketing through various means.

Most persons use social platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram etc. to get customers from every part of the world. Putting up adverts on these platforms is not enough but how to reach more customers is the main concern of every business owner. Now, how do you go about this? To learn more, keenly read through this article.


In this article, you’ll learn:

●      The meaning of SEO.

●      What is backlinking?

●      What is the importance of backlinking?

●      How to earn backlinks?

●      How is backlinking for SEO created?

●      Free checker tools for SEO backlinks

●      Conclusion



Guess you must have heard about SEO and you are wondering what it stands for, SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization.

 In a lay man’s term, it refers to the process of improving your site in such a way that the visibility of your product can be seen by people when they search for products similar to yours.

This helps you to drive more traffic to your site, thereby, letting more prospective customers/clients get to see your products and services you offer.

This strategy tends to add more quality and meaning to one’s business especially if it’s well organized and competitive.



These are links that connect another website to your own site. This actually means, getting votes from other website to your own.

These votes are very important because they show that your article or content is very quality and valuable

 Note that these links must be in line with what you do.  Backlinks help to boost your SEO and rank them high in Google search. For more information, read through


This is how backlinks work; for example Mr. Timothy is a good blogger, he writes quality and commendable contents, Amanda who is as well working on her contents liked Mr. Timothy’s view on the topic, and copied his link to her own site, this has created a back link to Mr. Timothy’s site.


There are two types of backlinks; do follow and No follow backlinks

1.     Do follow link: This is a direct and regular link everyone wants, it allows search engines like Google refer back to you directly. This link can help improve your website and create traffic.

2.     No follow link: As the name implies, this is an indirect link that do not point at you directly. They ignore links, however, they cannot improve your site visibility.


One major importance of backlinking for SEO is that they high rank your content thereby making Google know that it is credible and useful.

Listed below are other importance of Backlinking;

I. It creates referral traffic. Once your page is visited often, Google and other search engines visit your website and ranks it.


II. It improves your ranking; once other website start using your links on their site, search engines like Google, Bing etc will start ranking you websites.


III. Backlinks increase brand awareness


IV. Backlinks gives your brand authority and recognition.


The following are ways one can earn back linking: Naturally, artificially or can be self-created.

Natural backlinking: This can of backlinking occurs naturally with little effort from the site owner. Natural back linking occurs when another site links up with your site due to the credibility of your contents.

For this to occur regularly, you must ensure that your contents are always quality and have useful information in it.

Your contents should always be worth sharing and be used for references by other website, this will increase the rate of backlinking without you putting much effort.


Manual backlinking: This kind of backlinking involves approaching top blogs and ask for links. This can be achieved by promoting your contents and ask other bloggers to review your contents.

You can also attract back links through giveaway and free class of whatever service you render.

Self-created backlinks: Here, backlinks are created by one self. You can create backlinks from blog comments, guest blogging from different forums etc. Note that these links do not rate as high as Natural backlinking but they help to upgrade/boost your site.



Ahref: This is a free tool that helps in website optimization, in checking of backlinks and also increasing marketing strategies. Check ahref for more details.

SEO spyglass: This is a highly efficient tool that helps you to see all the links connected to a site.

Google search console: Google Search Console is a software by Google created to allow bloggers or website owners to check their status and optimize their website’s visibility.

Seobility: This is a very important tool that helps in optimizing and analyzing website.

SEMrush: This helps analyze your post performance, create and optimize social ads. SEMrush, can help you to see your competitor’s backlinks.

Backlinks are essential for brand improvement, boosting websites so as to gain traffic. From this article, it is very important to note that your site must have quality and commendable contents so that it can be high ranked by Google and other search engines. Once you get ranked, your site pops up at every search related to it.


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