How To Write Video Script For YouTube – [Easy Beginner Friendly]

No matter how expensive and complicated gadgets you employ to make videos for YouTubeyou want to have compelling content to grab your viewers attention and to guide them to action. One of the foremost important aspects of YouTube is delivering content a proper and professional way.

And you’ll deliver engaging and professional content by scripting your videos. During this tutorial, I will be able to tell you everything you would like to understand about how you’ll write scripts for your YouTube videos the proper way.

Different content creators have different opinions regarding writing a script for YouTube videos. But in my opinion, it’s a wise choice to plan your content before you switch on your camera and begin recording.

In this blog post, I’ll explain about different approaches you’ll take regarding scripting your YouTube videos that I hope are going to be helpful to each YouTuber.

Before diving into the particular scripting process for YouTube, let me tell you why you ought to write scripts for YouTube videos.

Why do you ought to Write Script For YouTube?

Planning your content beforehand recording your videos is really good which will assist you to create efficient and professional videos.

By scripting your YouTube videos, you’ll deliver the content without missing any key points and you’ll do so effectively.

Here, I even have mentioned some benefits of writing a YouTube script.

  • Writing script for YouTube videos can decrease your numbers of umms…, silences and mistakes in your videos which may allow you to deliver effective and reliable content in less time
  • Scripts can actually decrease your video production time. If you’re a beginner and are trapped within the process of taking retakes for each single line in your videos, then you want to start scripting your videos
  • You can improve your audience retention and watch time if you employ a correct scripting technique for your videos
  • You can deliver the content systematically with the assistance of a correct script
  • The script are often repurposed to other content like blog posts and social media posts.

Infact with an efficient YouTube video script you’ll create content much faster that gives more value to your viewers.

How To Write A Script For A YouTube Video?

Having a correct scripting process is important to write down effective and action oriented YouTube videos.

In this section i will be able to tell you about the proper process every beginner YouTuber can follow to draft knowledgeable script for videos.

Let’s dive into the method .

1. Research and Planning

Before actually stepping into the method of drafting scripts for YouTube videos, you want to have a basic idea of what your video are going to be about. You would like to seek out ideas for your next YouTube videos and have a basic list of belongings you want to incorporate on the video.

Also keyword research may be a good way to seek out the sub-topics to incorporate during a video. Check this guide how you’ll use keyword research to grow your YouTube channel.

You can use note-taking apps on your phone or computer to form an inventory of video ideas and topics.

After you’ve got a basic plan for the video, you’ll actually proceed forward to the method of structuring your content and creating an efficient script for your video.

2. The Hook

At the very beginning of the video, you want to use a hook.

Hook is essentially a brief statement that might hook your audience till the very end of the video.

You can briefly mention what is going to be inside the video that might benefit your viewers.

This is often actually a crucial a part of the script which may decide the audience retention of your videos. If you’ll use better and curiosity invoking hooks, it can cause far better audience retention and watch time.

In case you’re creating informational or educational videos, you’ll use something that explains what the audience will gain after watching the video as a hook.

If you’re creating vlogging or story telling type videos, you’ll use your most interesting or curiosity triggering clip as a hook. This will generate curiosity in your audience which makes them engaged till the top of the video.

3. Introduction

After you’ve got hooked your audience, next you’ll have a brief introduction. This will include your branding statements also as specific introduction associated with the video.

You can mention what your channel’s primary niche is and what other topics they will expect from your videos.

Most YouTubers also include a call to love and subscribe the channel during this step.

I personally don’t recommend using statements like “Don’t forget to love and subscribe my channel” during this section.

Also you want to enter details of the subject you’re getting to cover within the video.

It’s an excellent idea to briefly introduce the sub-topics on the video in order that your audience has a thought of what to expect from the video.

Also you’ll include the essential structure of how the topics will appear the video so your audience have a simple time following the video.

4. Main Content

This is the most section of your script. Main content is that the section which contributes for many of the video. This is often where you explain everything you promised within the hook and introduction intimately .

Whenever possible, I might recommend breaking your content into subtopics in order that your video are often broken into chapters. This may allow you to deliver your content systematically and have interaction your audience.

You can choose from two approaches to write down content for your script; writing script word-by-word or simply outlining the script in bullet points. There are different pros and cons to both these approaches.

Writing script word by word are often helpful to those just starting to create videos on YouTube and who don’t have prior experience speaking ahead of cameras.

Also it are often great if you’re creating faceless videos otherwise you are good at memorizing the statements. If you’re just getting started with scripting your YouTube videos, this will be a far better choice to start also .

But writing script word by word are often time consuming. You would like to write down everything you would like to incorporate on your video.

Also it are often hard to read your script line by line when creating face cam videos and you’ll find yourself sounding such as you are reading from your script.

If you’re good at facing cameras and may elaborate a bullet point, then you’ll just list all the subtopics in bullet points in order that you deliver the content systematically and without missing key points. This is often a faster and easier approach relative to writing script word by word.

I recommend keeping the tone of the most content conversational. You want to write and deliver your main content as if you’re lecture someone face to face . this permits your audience to truly connect together with your content.

Conclusion and CTA

After you’ve got delivered your content, you want to end your video with a summary at the top and a call to action.

You can summarise your main content with the key takeaways for your viewers.

Also you want to include a call to action during this section. The CTA are often anything sort of a call to love , share and a discuss your video, an invitation to subscribe your channel, clicking on another video on the top screen or guiding to a different video on the series to clicking some links and guiding them to shop for your products or subscribe your paid services if you’re creating marketing videos.

If you’ve got a robust hook and therefore the content, most of the actions will convert for your CTA.

Bonus Tip

No matter how good a script you write, there are often mistakes and errors on the video you record. Everyone has got to undergo this issue.

The secret to making videos which looks and sounds professional is editing your videos. You’ll remove and mask your mistakes on your videos with editing your videos professionally.