How to Earn Money From My YouTube Channel? – Tips & Guide

Most folks may have already that one can earn from a YouTube channel. But I’m sure that a lot of folks believe that ads showing on the channel are the sole earning methods on YouTube. during this post, I’m discussing 6 ways you’ll earn money from your YouTube channel.

1. YouTube Partner Program

This is what most folks are realize making money with YouTube.

The YouTube partner program may be a program that enables the content creators to earn money with YouTube through ads showing as skip-able ads, non-skippable ads, display ads on the YouTube videos.

The content creator earns for each ad view on the video. to not be confused with video views.

The earnings depend on the geography of the audience, niche of the video and a number of other factors.

But a YouTuber earns on average 3-4$ on every 1000 views.

2. Paid Promotions

You may have seen a YouTube video which shows includes paid promotion message at the beginning of the video.

Such sort of videos includes promotion of a product or service which pays the YouTube channel for promoting the merchandise or service on their videos.

The buy paid promotions may depend upon several factors but a YouTuber can earn as high as 100.000$ for a paid promotion campaign.

3. Affiliate Marketing

This is another good way YouTubers earn money online.

You may have noticed many YouTubers including the “Best buy links” in their video description for the merchandise they reviewed on their channel or simply for the gadgets they use.

Whenever someone clicks on these links and go the location and buys the merchandise or the other product a little percentage of commission is earned by the YouTuber.

This is another good way a YouTuber makes an excellent income via YouTube channels.

4. Selling your own merchandise

Another good way for a youtuber to earn money is start his own merchandise.

It is not necessary for a YouTuber to start out a merch from his/her own house. you’ll take the advantage of your channel’s branding to earn money with the merchandise. Hope you’ve got a cool logo and style which you’ll print on Tshirts, mugs and other stuffs and promote them via your YouTube videos.

If you don’t have cool designs and logos you’ll hire someone to style them for you in reasonable price.

You can use print on demand platforms like SpreadShirt or Districtlines which can lookout of all the effort . All you’ve got to try to to is choose what merchandise you would like to sell and upload your logos and style . Then you’ll need to promote the links of your online store through your videos.

You must lookout that the merchandise is of top quality and also confirm to not keep the worth too high.

5. Sell Ebooks

Ebook may be a good way to form money as a web entrepreneur.

Making money with a ebook as a YouTuber may be a good way that works for a YouTuber in every niche. If you create videos about Tech, Cooking or Travel or the other niche you’ll create a 30 to 40 pages of ebook with relevant information and it might be subsequent big thing for you as a YouTuber.

You can use Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing platform which can lookout of all of your ebook publishing needs. Create your material in either word or .PDF format and upload it. you’ll also create a canopy and upload it to KDP and it’ll lookout of the formatting.

You can now share the links of your ebook in your YouTube channel and also in other social media channels.

6. Drive Traffic to Your Blog

If you’re a YouTuber then i will be able to suggest you to start out a blog on an equivalent niche as your YouTube channel.

You can either hire someone to style an internet site for your or start yourself with these step by step tutorials.

Then you’ll put a link to your blog in your description which can needless to say drive tons of traffic to your blog.

You can monetize your blog through some ways as discussed here.

7. Earn BAT Tokens

This is an excellent thanks to make money from your YouTube channel albeit you’ve got low subscriber count but an honest following. you’ll earn BAT tokens as tip or contributions from your viewers from your YouTube channel and even together with your websites.

To earn BAT cryptocurrency together with your YouTube channel, head over to Brave Publisher Page and check in for a replacement account. Next you’ll need to add your YouTube channel to your publisher account. you’ll even add your website, twitter account, twitch account, Vimeo channel and Reddit account to the publisher account. Whenever someone tips or contributes to your channel, the tokens are going to be added to your account.

You can withdraw these tokens to your Uphold account from where you’ll exchange them to other crypto-currency or paper money .

You can also earn BAT tokens by downloading Brave browser and enabling Brave ads.