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How to Choose a Domain Name For Your Website or Business

Choosing the right domain name that is perfect for your website can be difficult, but worry no more. This article will guide you on how to choose a domain name that fits your website.

Choosing a domain name could be confusing if you’re a beginner. There are ways to discover a perfect domain name for your business.

I was once like you, but it’s easier for me to come up with a perfect domain name for my website now. I’ll teach you how to do that?

I’ve found a lot of articles about how to choose a domain name, but believe me this article would be the last you read about choosing the right domain name for your website.

Why is Domain Name Important?

Your website or business domain name is always the first impression your visitors will see. So a good and memorable domain name can give you returning visitors.

It can help your SEO, and keywords in your domain can help your ranking. Although, this is no longer necessary.

Domain name defines your brand. It’s the first impression and it defines your brand to visitors. The domain name of BloggingIssue, even without visiting the blog you already know what it’s used for.

How to Choose a Domain Name That Fit Your Business or Website

I know when you’re a beginner to choose a domain name for your website could take days.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to choose a domain name, discover a future-proof domain name, and choose a brandable one.

Always Go for the .com Domain Extension

Yeah, .com is the most popular extension in the world, and it’s easier to remember by people who don’t know about domain name extensions.

Without any form of exaggeration, most mobile keyboard shows the .com domain name extension when you are about to type into your browser’s search bar.

And if you discover that the .com extension of your desired domain name has been registered, then you can go with the .net or .org.

The .net domain name is still a popular extension and it’s the second most popular domain name extension.

Go for the .com if it’s available, if it’s not you can go the .net or .org if the domain name is too perfect.

If the .com of your desired domain name has been registered, then your can make more research to find available ones and it’s perfect for you.

Make it Brandable, Memorable, Pronounceable, and Future Proof

Have you ever wondered why Facebook name is so easy to remember and pronounce?

Come to think of it, if Google decided to go with then, it’s probably not good for the future of Google.

Google owns many other subsidiaries now, and if it started by using as the domain name then there wouldn’t be room to expand.

Before you decide to register a domain name, ask if it’s future proof if you can expand later with it. But if you don’t care about that, then you can go on to register it.

A memorable and pronounceable domain name isa always the best decision ever to make before you register it.

A great example is the BloggingIssue domain name, it’s memorable and pronounceable. It’s easy to remember and it’s not difficult to pronounce, some domain names are difficult to pronounce or remember.

How to discover a brandable, memorable, and pronounceable domain name

  • Create new words: A Domain name like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, TikTok, and Microsoft are words you will never find in a dictionary or anywhere. But those guys created it and it’s catchy, memorable, brandable, and pronounceable. You can do that took.
  • Add Your Niche Keyword: This is one of the best methods to discover a great domain name. A website like in the health niche did the same thing by adding their niche in the domain.
  • Utilize domain name generators: There are many domain name generators on the web, you need to discover one and use it to uncover the best domain name for your website. I normally make use of to uncover a domain name. Visit the domain name generator, enter some keywords then the generator does it work.
  • Go for short domain name: if you want your domain name to be memorable, then make it short. Your domain name should not be longer than 13 words. BloggingIssue is 13 words long, and it makes it memorable. Domain names longer than that can be difficult to remember for your visitors.

Always Avoid Hyphens and Numbers

Why would you choose a domain name with hyphens?

Yeah, it is not good for branding and it is not memorable because visitors won’t add that hyphen and it will redirect them elsewhere.

According to research by experts, your blog visitors won’t always remember the hyphens and the numbers in your domain name.

So please avoid it, there are thousands of undiscovered domain names that have never been registered, it is left for you to discover it by doing research.

Check If it is Not Used Before or Trademarked

To build a perfect brand, it is ideal to have the same name as a domain and social media usernames. If the username is not available on social media you can find another name that fit your brand and it is available.

If the name is trademarked then do not go for it, you can check it online if it’s not trademarked.

Another reason to check if it is not used before is that the domain name could have been banned by Adsense.

If your concern or primary source of income is Adsense or other ads network, then this should be part of your research.

You can visit this to check if it is registered before or not. The tools will show you if it’s registered before or it is never registered before, I use it most of the time.

In addition, you can check the domain name history before you register it, use this way back machine to check if the domain has any history before.

You can use this tool to check if the name is available for domain and social media networks.

Best Domain Name Registrar to Use

If you come up with a great domain name for your website or business, then it’s advisable to register it on time before someone else did. Remember that thousands of domain names are registered every day, so act fast.


If you want to register your domain name, register it with Namecheap and secure your dream domain name under a good registrar. Namecheap is one of the most popular domain name registrars in the world that has registered more than a million domain names.

And why do people choose Namecheap? A domain name is cheap with Namecheap and it’s almost instantly after making payment.

I use Namecheap and it’s good I must say, and if you have issues their customer support is there to help you out.

Other registrars I’ll recommend are:

  • GoDaddy
  • Bluehost
  • Hostinger

How to Get Free Domain Name

If you want a free domain name, Bluehost promise to give you a free .com domain name if you purchase an annual hosting plan from them.

I hope this article helps you find that perfect domain name for your business. Tell me how you find a good domain name for your website or business in the comment below.


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