Best Free Stock Video Websites For Video Content Creators

Video content is growing exponentially online and is being consumed quite ever before. Be it marketing, sharing information, create educational content or entertainment, video is taking everywhere places.

In this scenario, if you would like to face out from your competitors, you want to create the highest quality videos. Stock footage can assist you in better communicate your messages through videos without having to spend some time and money on expensive equipment or on getting the simplest shots.

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Stock video footage is basically the video clips or films that are captured by other videographers and are available for you to use for other films or videos. There are many sites (both free and paid) where you’ll get plenty of stock videos to use in your project.

In this post, we’ll be talking about the seven best free sites for free stock videos for any niche. You’ll use the clips from these websites for free of charge in your video content or maybe free intros with or without crediting supported the licensing on the videos.


While using video footage from the web, you want to confirm to see the licensing on the footage before using them on your projects. Else you’ll even find yourself stepping into legal trouble.

So you can’t just download a video from the web and use it in your video. Albeit the video is out there for public use, there could also be rules and restrictions related to the footage as per the licensing.

Most free stock footages online carry a Creative Commons license. To find out all creative commons licenses in short , check this site.

CC0 is that the most preferred and permissive license that exists. Under this licensing you’ll use the clips for love or money without crediting the artist. You’ll check more about other licensing from the creative commons website. Also confirm to see licensing on the actual clip or website before using any free stock footages from any website.

Best Free Stock Video Websites


Best Free Stock Video Websites For Video Content Creators

Mixkit may be a free gallery of video footage, free music tracks and also premiere Pro templates. Envato is that the company behind Mixkit and you’ll find top quality assets for your video projects for free of charge with Mixkit.

For assets aside from music, they’re protected with Mixkit license which allows you to use them in your personal and commercial projects for free of charge without attribution.

All the videos are full HD in quality and available in MP4 formats. The videos are often used for website backgrounds, marketing ads, vlogs or any sort of your videos.

The best thing about Mixkit is you get of these without having to check in for an account.

  • No check-in required
  • Full HD quality
  • No attribution required


Best Free Stock Video Websites For Video Content Creators

Pexels, a well-liked free stock photo site features a wide selection of free stock videos also.

All the videos (and photos) available on Pexels are CC0 licensed meaning you’ll use them in your personal or commercial projects for free of charge and without having to supply credits to the author.

There are videos available in every niche and you’ll even find 4K quality videos. You’ll choose the well-liked resolution of the video you would like to download.

Search results may include premium footage from Shutterstock and therefore the free stock videos are located under those ads so confirm to locate the free clips.

  • CC0 Licensed
  • 4K Videos available
  • Completely free


Best Free Stock Video Websites For Video Content Creators

Pixabay is another documented stock images site which also has many free stock videos.

All contents on Pixabay are protected under the Pixabay License, which may allow you to use them in your project without posing for permission and crediting the artist for free of charge .

4K quality videos on almost every topic are available in Pixabay.

You can also get free stock images, vectors and graphic illustrations for your video projects from Pixabay.

  • CC0 licensed
  • 4K quality videos
  • No crediting required


Best Free Stock Video Websites For Video Content Creators

Dareful may be a free stock video site with 4K stock video clips which may be utilized in any way you would like without paying a dime.

All the stock video clips are taken by Joel Holland. The footages are protected under CC By 4.0 licensing under which you’ll use the footages for private or commercial use but you want to provide appropriate credit, link to the license and indicate if any changes were made.


Best Free Stock Video Websites For Video Content Creators

Coverr is another amazing website with plenty of free stock video footages on various niches.

You can use the clips from this site for free of charge privately or commercial use without giving credits to the author.

Coverr has Shutterstock premium videos listed below the free footage, so you want to confirm to not click on those. You’ll look for videos associated with your niche and type by popularity and date of publishing.

If you navigate to rock bottom of the house page you’ll find videos categorised by different popular niches which can be helpful to seek out free stock videos in bulk associated with your niche.

  • No signup required
  • Check license details here
  • Videos on different niches


Best Free Stock Video Websites For Video Content Creators

Videvo is another extensive library of stock media content with over 7600 stock footage and motion graphic content.

The contents in Videvo comes with some restrictions though, so you want to confirm to see the license on the actual video before downloading and using it in your projects.

Here are all the small print about licensing in Videvo. I might suggest you download and use videos with Videvo Standard License which allows you to use the stock video however you would like for free of charge without providing any attribution with the restriction of uploading videos to other stock websites.

Life Of Vids

It is a concise collection of free stock videos that you simply can use in your video projects for free of charge.

Life Of Vids have video collections on topics like City, Clouds, Drone, Food, Nature, Office, People and Water. All the videos are hosted on Vimeo.

The videos are available for private also as commercial use without giving credits to the author (as mentioned on their Vimeo channel’s about section).

It has a relatively less number of videos than other stock video sites.