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Easy Guide On how to create a wordpress Blog

Do you wish to build and host your website with word press? Then you are on the right track

This article covers all you need to know about word press website. With word press, building up your website to your taste is very easy. Interested readers are therefore, advised to go through this content keenly to understand every piece of information.

Table of contents

●      What is wordpress?

●      Benefits of using wordpress

●      Differences between and

●      Differences between a website and a blog

●      How to create a free wordpress blog

●      Is word press free?



Word press is a content management system that gives a blogger or a web developer the opportunity to develop and build his website. It building tool written in PHP and MySQL that allows you to create, build and host any kind of website.  It contains tools that can be used to post, edit, content, and change the theme of your website.

One good thing about word press is that it is very flexible, thereby, giving you the full control over the management and functionality of your website. It is used by over 43% of web users to build their website.



●      The chance of benefitting from word press website is very high because it is a platform where you get to meet and learn from other web users.

●      Word press allows tools from other platforms to be used.

●      Like earlier stated, word press is very flexible; there is no limitation or control, you can design, build and host your website anyhow you want it.

●      With word press you can make money from the site by running free  ads by yourself and also by creating an online store to sell your digital products. Creating room for online payments.

●      Word press contains alot of tools that perform different functions like Google analytics (used for tracking).


Just as we have stated the benefits of word press, we should also note that, not everyone can use word press because it needs several digital skills to be acquired like coding, technical skills etc. coding helps to manage website trouble issues and customize website design. Without these skills, word press is almost useless to you.



There are two types of word press website;

● This version of website is fully hosted by word press. It helps you build and host your website.  is a good version for newbie bloggers and those starting a personal or family blog.

It is a hosting platform and to some extent not free. All upgrades, updates are back ups are mostly done by


● This version is mostly used and it is self-hosted by the website owner. Here, there are no restrictions and it is 100% free to use. To run this version of word press, you need a web hosting and domain name. You can customize your website design, run free ads and make money.


Most at times people get confused and can not really differentiate between website and blog. To clear your confusion, read through to get a clear meaning and difference between both of them. This will help you as an aspiring blogger.

Blog:  Blog contents are mostly referred to as blog posts. They are the  type of website whereby the latest contents comes first before the old ones. They are presented chronologically. Blogs are usually run by individuals or a small group of people. Blog posts consists of informal, non-professional and educative posts. They are popular tools a world wide web, a web developer can use to post articles, contents and opinions.

Website: This is a group of Web pages and related contents that share a single domain name. A website is mostly an official page used by indiduals, organisations, government etc. for the purpose of information. Business websites. Some of the types of website are eCommerce websites, social media websites, membership websites, personal websites etc.

S/N Website Blog
1. Here, contents are organized in pages and they are not updated regularly like in blogs. They are updated on regular basis with new contents.
2. Websites are very professional. Blog posts are mostly non-professional and educative.
3.  Mostly for information purposes. Mostly used for educative purposes.
4. There is no specific arrangement for website posts. Here, the contents are placed in reverse chronological order.



Creating a word press free account is almost the same thing as creating every other normal accounts. The following are easy guides on how to create one:

Step 1: Login to word press webpage.

Step 2: After logging in, there is start your website at the end of the web page. Click on it. This will take you to the next step⬇️

Step 3: Sign up for a free Word press account.

●      You are expected to have a valid email address that is yet to be used for a word press account.

●      Choose a unique username because there are millions of people who use word press and there is a high chance of choosing an already picked username. You can differentiate your name and others by numbers or symbols.

●      Create a very strong but easy to remember password for this purpose. After inserting and confirming your password, you can now click on create your account.

Step 4: The next step is to enter your blog information. A box is provided to insert your blog name. You have to be very critical snd unique about this because this will give visitors the impression of what your blog is about. On this section, after filling out all the desired information, click on continue.

Step 5: Finally, you are expected to choose an address that would get users to your page.

Note that, your URL must end with because it’s a free word press blog. After setting up your word press blog, do not fail to confirm your email address through the message sent to you.  Also, go through your dash board, be sure to view, edit and trash the blog posts on your dash board.


WordPress is a free self-hosted website, it can be used for any purpose e.g. customizing a design for your website. Also note that, it isn’t free when you want you to unlock most features. There is an option to pay for upgrade.


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